Weekend Project at Apartment Therapy

This Weekend’s Assignment: Clean and organize your freezer!

I was up at 5.30 this morning doing just that – and it was not a day too early…


It was kind of hard to get out the drawers 🙂


Hot water and a blow dryer did the job…


I even have one empty drawer. Room for more of my sister-in-law`s dinner meals made from fresh fish…


I got mine yesterday but since she made more today I might get lucky one more time.

At 8 I had cleaned the freezer, done laundry, cleaned the bedroom and it was time for my daily walk…


Not so Nice weather this morning so 45 min was more than enough for me. You could say it was fresh out there. Nice to come home and enjoy the good life…


And yes – there are chocolate on the table. Still a long way from March and calorie counting 🙂

Not a big fan of Studio Calico but I got a mail this afternoon telling me about an online crop and since I miss scrapbooking and suffer from lack of inspiration I peaked to see what it was all about.

A little inspired and maybe I will be able to whip up a page before bedtime…


Or – I just may log in to Netflix and bing watch the last episodes of Californication…

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1 Response to Weekend Project at Apartment Therapy

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Beautiful roses. I see healthy fruit there with the chocolate (lol).

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