February 23 2017

Three weeks of walking…


…and this was my lucky day…


… A little excited about if there was too much snow in the trail…


School is out for winter vacation this week and the kids at the after school program beat me to it. The track would have been perfect if they had walked the trail to the end – but they did not so I did feel like plowing there for a while.

I don`t have the best of winter shoes so I slowed down and enjoyed the afternoon. It look so cold and windy when you see the Atlantic hit the coastline…

…but for once there was no wind at all…


A beautiful afternoon…


…with shifting light…



…that makes you stay outside much longer than you should…


…but hunger makes you turn back home…


…and I make it inside just in time before it`s snowing again.


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2 Responses to February 23 2017

  1. MMK says:

    We have the same weather in the Black Hills now that I have returned from rainy Washington. The kids here have a ‘snow day’ today. Too much snow to get to school.
    I am watching from my Mother’s hospital room window while waiting for the Doctor and a diagnosis…..

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Such beautiful views on your walk.

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