#AT Weekend Project

This Weekend: Dedicate An Hour To This Dirty Kitchen Zone

After 10 hours at work I had no plans for cleaning this Friday evening 🙂 Then again – sometimes Apartment Therapy`s weekend project inspire me to go an extra mile.

I have to admit that cleaning the sink is not my thing. Most of the time it only get used for dumping cold coffee and that is not a good thing. I love my IKEA kitchen but the sink – not so much. But – now it is clean…


Bedroom clean. Bathroom clean. All the floors vacuumed and cleaned. Laundry done. Wow…

I even took my daily walk in the neighborhood. Good thing I am walking…


The price of gasoline is 16.12 Nkr (1.94 USA dollar) pr.liter.

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2 Responses to #AT Weekend Project

  1. MMK says:

    Gosh, our gas is $2.27 a gallon!! Love to see your #. 🙂

  2. Lois Addy says:

    *shudder* the price per litre is appalling in the UK. I try not to look….

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