At the end of February 2017

I ended this month of practice like I started…


…walking the steps up.

28 days later I had no need to take a break or two before reaching the top.

Like the first day I had to stop and enjoy the feel of this place at the top…


…thinking: How am I going to live my life when the day comes and I have to leave?

I might want to do like the village-swan – just stay and hope to be fed…


Coming home – just in time before the rain started pouring down, feeling pretty proud of myself…


…one star for every day in February.

As I sit down to write my reflection card for February I am feeling so grateful for being challenged to do this.

The first week was hard but at the same time I was feeling energized. The second week I fell asleep before nine every evening – overdosing on fresh air πŸ™‚ The third week I was almost in balance. This fourth week I feel really good. Now all I need is longer days and more daylight πŸ™‚

I will keep walking daily. I might not brave all kinds of weather but my goal is to walk 6 km every day.

It has been hard to find one more thing to practice in March but I have chosen to challenge myself to eat healthy. Fruit every day and more fish. I don`t want to do the calorie count πŸ™‚ just eating more healthy and stay away from the chocolate. The last one is a bitch. and March is a long month:)

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1 Response to At the end of February 2017

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Well done you with walking ever day & what an achievement in not needing to take breaks on all those stairs!

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