Spring or winter

It is my day off and I had a good plan for the day. Starting with a long nice walk early in the morning. That did not happen…


I guess : the best is yet to come…


March is a winter-month in this part of the world but the one who control the weather is confused.

Instead of walking I spent the morning working on project vision board for my One Little Word 2017 with lunch as today`s highlight…


I ment to walk in the evening but the afternoon looked nice…


…and it was. No snow at all…


Almost home the mail from Apartment Therapy about this weekend`s project came in:

This Weekend’s Assignment: Do all the leg work needed to file your taxes, well in advance of the deadline.

Good thing I am a Norwegian. All I have to do is log in and accept or not. If I don`t – they consider mt tax return accepted anyway. Good plan.


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1 Response to Spring or winter

  1. Lois Addy says:

    That’s a brilliant way to do things re Norwegian tax. Bet it costs far less in administration than other countries!

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