FIT 2017

I have a plan…


  1. Walk every day. 80 min if the weather is okay – 30 min if not.
  2. Eat fruit every day. But not too much 🙂
  3. Counting the calories

I am good at dieting because I am stubborn. But I am equally good at stuffing myself with calories when I have reached my goal. It take me about a year to be back where I was before I started dieting.

I usually eat 1200 calories a day when I am dieting. This time around I go slow and have 1438 to work with. That is a lot more and I am never hungry. There is even room for a small piece of chocolate if I have walked long enough and fast enough.

I have been blessed with the best winter weather for my walks so far…


Straight from work today. So nice. Even the moon encouraged me


I walk fast enough to get warm but today there was a shift for warmer weather…


I guess the cold and sunny days are gone for now.

The seagulls doesn`t give a shit about that. They are ready to reproduce…


Hopefully not on my roof…



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