March 12 2017

Today it was my sister-in-law that inspired me…


Like me – they like to be outside before everyone else wake up Sunday morning…


Unlike me – the take a drive…


Unlike me – they bring the big camera…


That is because my brother has his wife to hold the umbrella if it rains…


unexpected – she had an idea about being here before…


…and sent me this message: You have to find the photo from 25 years back and post it on your blog…


Our relative from America – Michelle, Kjellaug – my sister in law, Ragnhild – my mother and me.

Some things did change, besides the weight and the grey hair, look at all the trees.

I did make a scrapbook page about this but I want to spend more time on the journaling. Like how our family consider Michelle to be our closest family even though we met only once. Like every time my favourite costumer, Erna, travels to America I wish I could go with her. Like every Christmas we talk about Michelle and visiting her. Like right now we wish she could visit again…

Me walking also today…


Shelter for the rain is a good idea around here. No need for that today. Overcast, no wind, no rain and no people…


A really good Sunday…


Even with sausages for dinner I kept my calorie count 🙂

Fit March 9 2017




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2 Responses to March 12 2017

  1. MMK says:

    OMG! tears tears!! Happy tears!!
    Cannot remember all that hairI had then. Do not miss it. 🙂
    Your Mother was such a happy happy person and I always thought those smiles and laughter must be in the genes because my Dad was so like that.
    I, too, feel like I have not seen you all for just a short time – blogs and FACEBOOK surely help that.
    Yes, trips must be planned. Time is too short as I am dealing with my Mother’s health.

    Hugs to all

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    It is amazing to see a photo from 25 years ago to one today – those trees did a lot of growing in that time. Yes time is too short – hoping you get a family reunion soon!

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