One Little Word 2017 | April

Questions to think about in April…


This time last year I dropped out of Ali`s One Little Word class. This prompt was just not for me. Saturday morning I sat down and wrote a lot of questions connecting to my word – Craft. In the end it was the big question that was shining bright: How do you craft a good life?

How do you know if you live the good life? How does that feel? Do I recognize it if I live it?

I have so much – work I love, a home I love, enough money, food (too much food), a hobby I love, a family I love, I live in a safe environment. What more to add?

Things to think about.

I also added a practice for April…


I need to craft something. Missing it so much. I have been staring at the photos from week in the life 2016 for a year now. Now it is happening…


Some kind of crafty stuff every day in April. Monday and Tuesday done – five days to go…

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