April 12 2017 | Spring Cleaning

Today`s assignment…

Clean Your Showerhead


This is one of those things I never would have done if not prompt to do so 🙂

Love the 5 min task today because it has been a busy day at work and another one coming up tomorrow.

I had a little visitor at work today…


…and he was happy to find one of the two Easter Eggs hidden in the store, and no – even though I am his old aunt I did not tell him were it was. The weird thing is that he found one last Easter too. I guess he is born under a lucky star 🙂

I am taking on a new Challenge – knitting…


It has been more than 30 years since I last knitted and I`m not sure if I will enjoy this at all. I bought one of those kits and find it hard to believe that this will be enough yarn for my size. Also there was no knitting needles in there. I did order and pay for them.

As the collector I am I do have to boxes from my mother`s stash and can probably find something there. Thanks to the January Cure I also know were to find them 🙂


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