Week in the life 2017 | Monday

While Norway has been closed down for the Easter Holiday I have worked most days. This is a new thing for me and I am not sure I like working through every Sunday and Holiday during the spring. I might have a story about that.

This Monday morning I was up early for my walk…


Walking at 6.30 in the morning and you can be sure to walk alone 🙂


All kinds of weather out there – snow, rain and sunshine…


70 min later I am back and ready to work…


We have open shop but the bakeries are closed…


Almost done and feeling sorry for myself sometimes makes me do bad choises…


Today was not a good day for dieting 🙂

Back home for a shower and work again. Little boy Anton came by to say godbye before he travelled back to Trondheim…


Not that he had time to talk – because he was going home. Home to his things 🙂

The last three hours I spent at home knitting – ready to go back to work if needed…


So much fun to knit again…


I finally had the energy to clean the entrance…


Not my favorite thing to do.

And I found a survieving plant from years back in between the weeds…


Late dinner this last day of Easter…


The first one this Easter…


…and there is this thing about getting yourself in the Picture for the Week in the life album…


I am still trying to find out things with this camera…


Ok – maybe a little more practice 🙂




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3 Responses to Week in the life 2017 | Monday

  1. alexa says:

    Lovely to see you smiling, despite the work. Such beautiful scenery … and enough sunshine to sit outside for a bit? Spring must be on its way soon!

  2. Gorgeous weather pics! And the selfie at the end is great. 🙂 Happy Monday!

  3. theglor says:

    Love your story. The scenery is beautiful.

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