Week in the life 2017 | Wednesday

Today was a good day for morning routines…


Wake up call at 5.15 am. Two pieces of bread. One with white cheese and one with brown cheese. One piece of fruit. Coffee.

I am a fast eater so a few minutes later I can be seen outside with another cup of coffee and a smoke. Bad girl.

I make my bed every morning…


Before I hit the shower I make lunch…


At 6.45 am I am ready for work…


I am a demon in the morning with everything in the same order. Good thing I live alone…


I am also a demon when it comes to socks. When I need new socks I buy 30 pairs in the same color. No stress with pairing them together and it is washing time once a month 🙂

At work 06.55 and the first thing on my to do list is today`s fresh bread…


Second is counting the money…


Before opening the doors for the costumers – coffee…


After 8 am the days is a nice mix of routine, surprises and hard work…


No walk for me today. Cold, wet and windy…


Settling down with an episode of Poirot and some knitting before an early bedtime…


…and yes – my evening routine is just as specific as my morning routine.

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