Week in the life 2017 | Friday

Maybe I was too early ordering spring flowers…


…when I opened the doors to the store it was snowing.

I spent my eight hours at work here…


Then at 3 pm I was out of the uniform waiting for the bus…


Rain? Snow? Sunshine? You never know in this part of Norway 🙂


I like to travel by bus…


I would love to be able to get from A to B in one sitting but that is not happening.

Waiting for bus number two and a five minutes drive to meet my next ride…


My brother leaving work for 40 min to pick me up and take me to my final destination…


Once a month I meet up with my sister-in-law to get a hair cut. We do have a hairdresser in Bud but I love the girl who cuts my hair. You know – the type that make you chatter about all and nothing for half an hour. The type that makes you enjoy that half hour very much. The type that cuts your hair just the way you want it…


Waiting for my sister-in-law to get her hair done…


How about 20 min here…


Today was a perfect day to warm up this old body…


My sister-in-law drives me back home and we usually have dinner together.

Let me just say that this was not a good day for dieting…


On a daily basis I overlook the fact that I live next door to this cafe. They do serve good and healthy food on a daily basis but not after 6 pm. I love everything fried but for me that is a once a year happening. In 2017 this day came in April 🙂

Let us call this a late birthday celebration…


Doing my hair should not be a problem Saturday morning…


A little clean up…


…before bedtime and an another day at work.




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2 Responses to Week in the life 2017 | Friday

  1. Nichole says:

    It’s never too early for spring flowers!! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    I so love your pages. Your everyday life is so different from mine. The photos capturing your workplace, weather, you knitting, transport and food. Elin you are an inspiration to me.

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