January Cure 2018 – Outbox

Today’s Assignment: Set up an outbox according to the rules

It has been years since I needed an outbox. It stays or goes. But something I read during the Cure`s first day spoke to me: Put things back where they belong. The thing is – there are so many things around here with no home and finding a home right here and now takes too long. So I have one box for things to be put where they belong or don`t have a home. That is the full box 🙂 Hopefully it won`t take too long to empty that one…


Then I have an outbox – for stuff I don`t need but can`t let go off.

The third one is for things I can let go off and that box is empty for the third time since January 2.

Yesterday I finished my lists and cleaned 4 drawers in the kitchen before going to bed. I was still awake when the alarm came 2 am about rising temperatures in the refrigerators at work. That is not good. When I came to the store all the systems were out – dead. I had to call service. Let`s just say that the young man on the other end was not happy for the wake up call at 2.30 am 🙂  But the two young men that came an hour later was all smile and fixed the problem…


To be honest  – I wasn`t happy either to keep working until 2.30 pm..



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2 Responses to January Cure 2018 – Outbox

  1. goblinfgirl says:

    ohhhhh. a box for things that are homeless. I just added a box to my potential row of boxes…. thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is not always ‘fun’ to be the one in charge!! hopefully the perks are well worth!!! as they should be

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