Clean Floors…

When I made my plans for cleaning floors this weekend I didn`t foresee having house guests…


They are easy to entertain but turn the blind eye to them for a moment and the noodles turn blue and green. They regretted that move…


For once I did listen to the parental advice and confiscated all electronic devices at bedtime and miraculously they were at sleep before me 🙂

It is a good day to clean…


I cleaned all the floors before the girls woke up – except my bedroom and craft room. The bedroom will have to wait until tomorrow. In the Craft room I have to find the floor. I am getting there but it will take the rest of the day. I have to admit that the Craft room is still like I left it during the last January Cure. There is a reason there has been no scrapbooking and no blogging since spring 2017 🙂

In between finding my floor in here I am giving my brass a thorough cleaning. That was much-needed 🙂


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2 Responses to Clean Floors…

  1. goblinfgirl says:

    goodness your outside is rugged! where do you live? on the edges of a town or rural? or is the town punctuated by great outcrops of rock? very dramatic looking!

    LOL at the coloured noodles!

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