Dangerous assignments

After cleaning all fourteen drawers and all the cabinets in the kitchen, cleaning out the refrigerator and cleaning the kitchen fan, the last thing to do is to clean on top of the cabinets. First on a chair before climbing on to the countertop and with nothing other than the top to hold on to I cleaned – before falling down. Also I had wool socks and a bad knee. Good work. I was a little dizzy there for a while but all is well 🙂

Today`s assigment was to walk around and take photos of our home before deciding on a project. I will do that on Sunday when I have some daylight to work with but I think I have a few projects in mind.

Today I have emptied three more boxes from storage. Two of them is on their way to the trash and the rest is up for review…


What ever I decide to do – it will have to fit in one box.

Yesterday I did manage to clean out my mail – both on the computer and phone.



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4 Responses to Dangerous assignments

  1. Anonymous says:

    please be careful!! I have done what you did – cleaning on top of things, without falling tho – no broken bones!!

  2. alexa says:

    Yikes! A step ladder might be a good idea? You’re doing well with your clutter-clearing.

  3. goblinfgirl says:

    i don’t do ladders by myself. I’m too dangerously wibbly… and I deliberately only have smallish steps anyway, that are aboutthe same as a chair height or a bit more. well done for not falling off!

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