January Cure | At the end of week two

You know – the things you don`t know what to do with. The things you don`t want but has to take care of. The Things with a story and you are the only one to tell this story…

…here it is. All I have to do is print the shots and add the story. I had to let go of the dream of making it all fit in to one box…

…but two boxes is all good.

I will leave those just there because I need to find the floor in my storage before moving them in there.

My kitchen is all done…

…inside and outside – except for the windows. January is not a good months for windows around here.

It was nice to sit down for lunch in a clean kitchen…

I am always inspired to eat healthy after cleaning the kitchen during the January Cure 🙂



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1 Response to January Cure | At the end of week two

  1. goblinfgirl says:

    it’s really interesting to see the slide show. As a total stranger, some things look very ordinary in the sense that they could be in anyone’s house, others are more unusual, some struck me as lovely designs that would stop me in my tracks if I saw them offered for sale. But none, obviously, have any emotional resonance for me, because they aren’t from my family.

    I think having watched that, it’s going to be useful for me, to see that my things will be the same, some ordinary, some unusual, some I actuallly desire. And help me to step away from the emotional ‘story’ side of having and owning. Not permanently necessarily, but just enough for me to see them as an outsider, a stranger – and help me decide whether they are in fact useful or beautiful to me personally, in priority to whatever value others placed on them.

    so thankyou! and ooo your lovely clean and tidy kitchen. gorgeous!

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