So – moving stuff around…


I have never been happy about the sofa against the wall but I have not had the energy to do anything about it.

I was all over it when I came home from work today…


I am much happier now.


There are some things to correct but I want to live with this for a few days.

Keep in mind that I do love my photo albums:) I am sure it would be more stylish without but love is love.

Good thing tomorrow is the day we work on our project because now the rest of the house is a project in work…


The kitchen and living room is fine but in the process I messed everything up in four other rooms. Project anyone ?

Now I am sitting down with my crochet project and find something nice to enjoy on Netflix.

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2 Responses to Inspired

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really need to follow your example of cleaning and organizing!! You do such a terrific job –
    E V E R Y year. I do not do that….. guess I spend too much time reading rather than taking care of business. HA!
    PS I love the way your albums look….. more organization you have done.

  2. Love this! Especially how you didn’t move the photos from the wall…and yet they still look perfect with the cubes underneath them. I like the new wood cabinets as a backdrop to the sofa, too.

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