January Cure 2018 | The Project

Why pick a small project when you can pick a massive one?

A bedroom made into a craft room | A craft room made into a bedroom.

Today`s bedroom…



This room is about the same size as my craft room…


The problem with this room has been the noise from the machines on this side of the house. Now I have an even bigger problem outside my bedroom.

The first thing I need to do today is finding a place for my bed other than in these two rooms. That should be doable.

Then I need to decide if I want to paint…


Do I want to go safe with grey or do I want to match my hallway and go pinkish? Do I want to paint at all?

It is fun to look for inspiration…


…but I don`t plan to spend much money if any.


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1 Response to January Cure 2018 | The Project

  1. goblinfgirl says:

    I have grey walls in this house, with dark flooring and not much natural light. it’s a REAL light sucker! so for me, nope to grey! but then I’m an huge fan of white/ cream/ magnolia and have the colour in art or curtains or floor – things that can be changed out more easily.

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