The move

I came home from work feeling motivated. Maybe not so much  when facing all I had to do to make this move happening…


No sitting down today…


Some time during the cure I will be told to clean the bed so I did this since I had to move the bed anyway. One more thing to cross off the list.

This will be my bedroom for some time. I do think it will be too ambitious to plan for a new bedroom before the end of January. Since I`m not sleep well anyway at the moment I am pretty sure this will do…


Not the best view but at least the room has a window…


My old bedroom has no longer any need of shutting the light out so the curtains have to go…


That`s the easy part. The real challenge is to dismantle. move and put back together my work table…


Because of the narrow space between the rooms this is not an easy move…


I did give up a couple of times 🙂

I was planning to paint this room but this is not the brightest room in the house and I do like white. I bet there will be very little open space when I am done. For now this is it…


I am back online and now the real work begin…


…because now I have to deal With the mess I left behind – in two rooms. Good thing today`s assignmentet fits the one I choose to do the first day.





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3 Responses to The move

  1. Bludilla says:

    Looks doable!

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW!! Nicely done

  3. Susan From Canada says:

    Looks great! That’s a big job done! Good for you.

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