January Cure 2018 | Landing Strip

Tuesday turned out to be another 13 hours day at work so all I got to do was moving my duvets in to my storage room…


On top of the empty computer boxes is perfect 🙂 My brother always insist that I save them just in case I need to send the computer in for repair. If it was up to me they would be long gone.

Not in the mood for old curtains today but I did clean all my doors, light switches and mirrors. I had to look over my lists to see what I had planned to do because I have a feeling I have done everything but 🙂

So – landing strip I have…


The blue bowl is for emptying my pockets when it is time to clean my uniform jacket. Keys, knives, pens or what ever shit I have collected over the week.

I never bring any mail home but sometimes I have seven knives and twelve pens, and ones in a while I bring them back to work. That`s what is hiding in the pink basket…


…together with bits of paper I might need. Maybe.

The grey basket is for all those things you need to be warm and safe outside during the dark hours in the winter.

No paper clutter on my landing strip – that is reserved for all the other rooms in the house 🙂

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1 Response to January Cure 2018 | Landing Strip

  1. Lois says:

    12 knives? what job do you do?

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