January Cure 2018 | 30-min Closet Cleanout

I have been ready for today`s assignment since January 1. Not that I have much cloths in the first place and what I have is mostly old shit. So – 10 minutes and my bag was full…


Another five minutes and my old curtains were sorted…


Letting of the old curtains was no fun but now they are gone…


Feels good…


Since I was up and running I took several trips up stairs removing old printers, leftover IKEA kitchen materials, old craft supplies, remnants of floorboards, lighting fixtures, kitchen faucets…oh, the things you collect 🙂

I can see the end in the tunnel. Cleaning out the upstairs was not on my list for this January Cure so I am a little impressed of what I have accomplished so far. Of course I still have a lot of stuff to deal with in my new craft room…


This might go on long in to February 🙂

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4 Responses to January Cure 2018 | 30-min Closet Cleanout

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love reading about your progress. You have a lovely blog
    I live in Northern Ontario and we have long hard winters too. Not as dark as at your place but plenty cold

  2. Susan From Canada says:

    I’m from Southern Ontario. I love reading your blog too.

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