At the end of a long week

Since the first weekend in January was all about cleaning floors I thought it was a good idea to do it all over again this last weekend. I did not see myself doing that today after working 70 hours this week but sometimes I surprise myself. Before getting out of the uniform I had all the mats outside, all the floors vacuumed and cleaned. Now I am out of the uniform, ready for dinner and it is almost bedtime.

No big plans for Sunday – just a small project…

Sunday Project

Since no one is living upstairs anymore I never close this door. Then of course I let all the heat go up the stairs. This last week I have closed the door at it so much warmer inside the apartment. A year ago I bought  film to add to the windows just in case someone moved in upstairs and I want to see if it makes it cozier inside. It was a cheap film so I might want a nicer one if it is a successful attempt,


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1 Response to At the end of a long week

  1. Lois says:

    i like hte mirrored effect. lovely warm colour to it also

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