January Cure 2018 | At the end

To be honest – I was at the end yesterday 🙂

I spent the evening feeling good about what I have accomplished this month.

Doing nothing but…


…crocheting and watching four episodes of Bones at Netflix.

And I plan to do the same thing today.

Tomorrow on the other hand I plan to do a 30 min sweep around the house before I start on a long weekend. Maybe I feel inspired to start working in my craft room. If not there is always something going on at Netflix and I always have something to crochet.

Until next January 🙂

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1 Response to January Cure 2018 | At the end

  1. Karzke says:

    It’s been so fun to follow you during the January Cure this year. Please consider doing a few posts on your craft room progress. I’d love to see some of your steps in getting it organized and how it finally turns out. Whether you decide to share or not, best of luck with the project!

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