What to do in February

Well – it looks like I will be in here sorting out my mess all month-long…


Another bag for the trash and a lot of empty boxes.

No wonder it takes time…


…because I find all these little things I don`t know what to do with. Putting them in to some random box don`t feels like a good idea right now 🙂

But if you ever need to light a candle you know where to find me…


This felt like a good idea in January…


…until I woke up Wednesday morning with the film on the floor. I did have a feeling about this cheap stuff.

So – moving on to a back up plan…


Moving on to February with my no-shopping attitude this will have to do for now…


A bit early for the Easter-hen but with another sunny day it does feel like spring…


Now – I will move forward in here…


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5 Responses to What to do in February

  1. Karzke says:

    It’s wonderful to see your new doily in use! I was wondering what plans you had for it, and it’s an ideal shape for that space. Sorry that the window film stopped doing its duty, but your backup plan is attractive both inside and out. Finally, seeing you make progress in your craft room is making me think about some places that I could (should) be tackling. I hope you keep posting.
    (Oh, and I trust the home-baked bread was tasty? It looked beautiful!)

  2. Shawna says:

    I like your little hen! I started following you after I saw some of your comments on the January Cure a few weeks ago. I’ve enjoyed having a peek into your life and projects. I’m in the SW USA and the weather and terrain are quite different where we are! I didn’t get very far with my January Cure, but you’ve been an encouragement for me to do small chunks as I’m able.

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