December Daily 2018

I have done December Daily since 2008 and I had big plans for 2018. For the first time I bought Ali Edwards album and some of the offered embellishments. Not the main kit.

December Daily album.

This is an album with a lot of space to fill and there was no way I could fill this album with my stuff so I had to rally some help from the rest of the family. We have a family Facebook group and I forced myself on the group.

The family Facebook group.

The week before December I gave them glimts of the last 10 years albums and tried to inspire them to share through out the month of December.

It almost worked. Of course it was only two of them that really played along. But two is all it takes to make it work.

December Daily 2018.

I am happy for the album but there was room for more so they could have worked a little harder 🙂

It is not easy to get great pics with a phone in a dark barn but this is my favorite from the month 🙂

Svein and Anton

Anton and his mother`s stepfather in the barn on Christmas Eve with porridge to Santa. Something I remember doing with my mother as a child.

What happened the night before when Santa came out of the barn – angry because there was no porridge is another story. Of course Santa could be wrong about what day it was…( and Anton`s young uncles knows how to have fun).

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3 Responses to December Daily 2018

  1. Michele in South Dakota :) says:

    There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing the pictures of Anton and all the older cousins posted!
    I always feel such a connection to everyone.

  2. Alexa says:

    That photo on the right is so very atmospheric – almost like a painting of a Dutch interior. You did very well to keep your December Daily going.

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