Organizing photos from 2018

I thought organizing the photos from 2018 would be a good task for me to do in January. Working with photos is one of the few things I can do right now. Getting the photos from the harddisk to my computer was done in a minute. Wonder why? There was very few photos to transfer. Several from a mountain somewhere. Four from a May 17 and twenty from December 22 when grandpa was testing the camera settings for Christmas Eve.

I can`t blame anyone for the lack of photos. These days it is difficult to find the kids in other settings than this…

Tor Magnus

That means I have to reach out in to the clouds to gather the photos from 2018. They are out there but it takes a lot of patiens to do the work.

As I work my way through all those phone picks I try to update the family album…

Safety Course

Using words like brave and courage might be a little too much for this guy. He was one of those kids that jumped on their bike screaming “I can bike, I can bike” – before they had their nose in the gravel. He also jumped in to the sea screaming: “I can swim, I can swim” – before he sank to the bottom.

But – he certainly is adventures…

Jan Arve – Galdhøpiggen – June 2018

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