Refresh your living room.

That was yesterday`s assignment in the January Cure 2019. What to put in to the word refresh? According to the Cure –
“Ultimately, depending on your affinity for maximalism, you should aim to remove three to 15 things from the space.”

Big changes is not for me this January but I did manage to do a light cleaning of my living room. Good thing there was no clutter to remove 🙂

After a surface sweep and vacuuming I was ready to hug the sofa again for the rest of the week.

It feels like I have lived my life here for the last five months. What else is there to do when you wake up to this …

This weekend our assignment is to do the kitchen. I did plan to start on the kitchen earlier this week but had to pass on that. The kitchen will have to be next weeks big project.

Doing very little today – saving myself for my 10% at work tomorrow.

Just a little scrapbooking for Anton`s album…

Anton January 2018

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1 Response to Refresh your living room.

  1. Alexa says:

    Your home looks immaculately tidy and uncluttered already … But sorry to hear you are still needing to spend time on the sofa. Lovely to see a scrapbooking page from you – always stylish and equally uncluttered :).

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