Organizing photos from 2018

I thought organizing the photos from 2018 would be a good task for me to do in January. Working with photos is one of the few things I can do right now. Getting the photos from the harddisk to my computer was done in a minute. Wonder why? There was very few photos to transfer. Several from a mountain somewhere. Four from a May 17 and twenty from December 22 when grandpa was testing the camera settings for Christmas Eve.

I can`t blame anyone for the lack of photos. These days it is difficult to find the kids in other settings than this…

Tor Magnus

That means I have to reach out in to the clouds to gather the photos from 2018. They are out there but it takes a lot of patiens to do the work.

As I work my way through all those phone picks I try to update the family album…

Safety Course

Using words like brave and courage might be a little too much for this guy. He was one of those kids that jumped on their bike screaming “I can bike, I can bike” – before they had their nose in the gravel. He also jumped in to the sea screaming: “I can swim, I can swim” – before he sank to the bottom.

But – he certainly is adventures…

Jan Arve – Galdhรธpiggen – June 2018

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December Daily 2018

I have done December Daily since 2008 and I had big plans for 2018. For the first time I bought Ali Edwards album and some of the offered embellishments. Not the main kit.

December Daily album.

This is an album with a lot of space to fill and there was no way I could fill this album with my stuff so I had to rally some help from the rest of the family. We have a family Facebook group and I forced myself on the group.

The family Facebook group.

The week before December I gave them glimts of the last 10 years albums and tried to inspire them to share through out the month of December.

It almost worked. Of course it was only two of them that really played along. But two is all it takes to make it work.

December Daily 2018.

I am happy for the album but there was room for more so they could have worked a little harder ๐Ÿ™‚

It is not easy to get great pics with a phone in a dark barn but this is my favorite from the month ๐Ÿ™‚

Svein and Anton

Anton and his mother`s stepfather in the barn on Christmas Eve with porridge to Santa. Something I remember doing with my mother as a child.

What happened the night before when Santa came out of the barn – angry because there was no porridge is another story. Of course Santa could be wrong about what day it wasโ€ฆ( and Anton`s young uncles knows how to have fun).

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It is better to be two

The youngest member of our family got a bird as a pet last summer.

Anton Christmas day 2018

I am not so sure how much pet a bird can be but I guess his parents like the idea of a pet with very little work. Of course Otto was lonely in his cage so now he has a lady friend.

Otto and Ludde.

At least I think it is a lady friend. Not that it matters if it is a boy or girl.

Being two is better.

A story for Anton`s album…

Making a hybrid page for the album…

Even though I am all up to date with our family album I have to say that I was surprised to see that the last page I added to Anton`s album was fram January 2016. Bad Scrapbooker…

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January Cure 2019 – the first weekend

Today’s Assignment: Clean the bedroom and treat yourself to flowers.

It is January outside my bedroom window. No sign of winter.

It took me four days to finish cleaning my bedroom and to be honest – there might be some dust bunnies left over in there ๐Ÿ™‚

A light cleaning session.

Today`s assignment is to set up an outbox. I don`t think I need one. It is one of two things – either it needs a home or it is leaving the house. Next weekend assignment is the kitchen. If my kitchen is to be done by Sunday I need to start today ๐Ÿ™‚

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Looking back at 2018

2018 started with the January Cure. I did all the work and was happy about moving my bedroom and craft room around.

Before bedroom – now craft room.

Come February I was tired and with increasing work load all I find time to do was a little crocheting.

The last one.

February, March and April was all about work. May 15 I had a fall. On the kitchen floor – of course. Of all the things in the world I stumbled over the door to the dishwasher. Boy – did that hurt. My brother and his wife came to my rescue. I did not breake anything but the next week I sat on the sofa and slept day and night. Then it was back to work – with crutches. For weeks I worked seven days a week with crutches. Finally I had to let go of the crutches because my arms hurt to much. It was so bad that after work I had to go to bed. Unable to do anything at all. Just undressing was hell.

June, July and August went by – and the pain just got worse. I kept working until my vacation in September. I honestly believed that rest would fix everything. Fresh air and a walk would do me good.


I did three walks around the village and the fourth time I almost did not make it home. It was game over.

I am so glad I saw the update on Facebook from Stacy Julian about doing a “30 Days Hath September” album. Something we did back in 2008 in a BPS class she taught.



I hadn`t done any scrapbooking for a long time and not at all in 2018. I don`t think I did any in 2017 either. It was so much fun doing this and thankful that I got the rest of the family to play along. Some days all I could do was make this one page for my album. But I did finish the album.

September 7 2018

I also tried to follow along on the September Sweep when I was able to move around. Because of that I could skip the cleaning of one drawer on the first day of this January Cure.

Clean drawers in September 2018

And I did remove three items from my not so tidy old craft room. Not that it did much change. This room might end up being my big project for this January Cure.

Time to let go of some old memories.

In October I was on 100% sick leave and spent most of my time on the sofa.

My best friend in 2018.

I haven`t read this much since I was a young girl. Good thing I have a lot of books to read. Lots of days all I could do was reading. Some days I had to use a pillow to hold the book up because my fingers hurt too much.

Keeping a routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In November I tried to work 10%. That worked out well – thanks to my co-workers who did the actual work. At home all I could do was scanning old photos. Setting everything up so I could work without moving ๐Ÿ™‚

My dad and his first grandchild in 1979.

I enjoyed doing this and I am almost done. Next up is scanning negatives.

December was a lot easier because this is the month were you are supposed to enjoy. Hanging on the sofa watching Christmas movies all day. Lots of light and “hygge”. I have never had time to watch a Christmas movie so I was able to enjoy this. Working 10% and hanging around on the sofa got me through December.

December 2018 was good with nice weather until December 24. It has been pouring rain and windy since.

So – welcome 2019 and January Cure. Still working 10% and trying to look on the bright side of life. My doctor seems to think that my body has been pushed to hard and just need time to heal. I don`t have the knowledge to argue with that but when I asked if it is normal that it take so long to heal he said no.

I do feel a little unsecure about this because my doctor is not much of a talker.

Anyway – I will try to do as much as I can during this cure without having ambitions about big changes. I will be happy if I get to do a normal cleaning of every room ๐Ÿ™‚

And I promise – I will do so without feeling sorry for myself…

It can only get better.
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