Craft Room – The never ending story

A little progress at the end of January…


Two bags ready to be removed from the building.

This is a difficult process because I already removed “the low-hanging fruit” but I still need to reduce the stuff I store. Stuff keeps adding up andΒ makes me paralyzed. So – one step at a time…

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January Cure 2018 | At the end

To be honest – I was at the end yesterday πŸ™‚

I spent the evening feeling good about what I have accomplished this month.

Doing nothing but…


…crocheting and watching four episodes of Bones at Netflix.

And I plan to do the same thing today.

Tomorrow on the other hand I plan to do a 30 min sweep around the house before I start on a long weekend. Maybe I feel inspired to start working in my craft room. If not there is always something going on at Netflix and I always have something to crochet.

Until next January πŸ™‚

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January Cure 2018 | Empty Outbox

No need for that because my outbox has been empty for weeks. Nothing really survives a stay in my outbox πŸ™‚ Even my box filled with homeless things is empty.

If I skip my photos and memory keeping stuff I had nothing to put back in place yesterday so I moved forward crossing off my list. My blue collection was cleaned…


My lantern had a much-needed cleaning…


…and my brother will be happy to know that I cleaned my heat pump…


Now I have one more thing to do in January…


There is no way I will be finished organizing my Craft room but I want to tidy up so the room will be more welcoming when I start organizing – and that is today`s plan.


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January Cure 2018 | Surface Sweep

I do have a few hot-spots to sweep and my favorite tool is waiting for me to come home from work…


Since everything has been cleaned during January that should not take long.

But – late Sunday evening was a good time for making a list of things unfinished…


If I make it home in time I should be able to cross of this list today.

With my “no shopping” mantra for January I have not been spending time looking for stuff to buy but I wish I had this bedspread…


…and the big window with the tree outside – but forget the walls πŸ™‚


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January Cure 2018 | Sunday Project

Not everything goes according to plan πŸ™‚ Of course I didn`t have enough film to cover my door. I have to order a new one for the door. Maybe this one…


…and to hide that ugly wall outside my craft room window..Fun – but too much?


I had use for the film anyway…


My new bedroom has the window against my entrance so this might be smart. This lets the light in but no one can see in…


…In addition to the blinds it works fine.

I was up bright and early today to deal with what was left in the storage upstairs…


This is an old photo – it was much worse after the girls played house up here πŸ™‚

I have been doing a little bit every day during January. Today I could clean the floor…


It has been almost 5 years since I had to use this room for storage and it should have been cleared out 4 years ago – but it has been too overwhelming to even think about it. Thanks to the cure I am now done.

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