Welcome 2019

I start the new year the same way I ended the last one – with January Cure 🙂


This January Cure will be a bit different than last years. I have a lot of time and good will but my body don`t want what I want. So – this will be a January Cure light version. Focusing on what I can do and forgetting all about the things I can`t do. Making lists of projects is one of the things I can do 🙂

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What to do in February

Well – it looks like I will be in here sorting out my mess all month-long…


Another bag for the trash and a lot of empty boxes.

No wonder it takes time…


…because I find all these little things I don`t know what to do with. Putting them in to some random box don`t feels like a good idea right now 🙂

But if you ever need to light a candle you know where to find me…


This felt like a good idea in January…


…until I woke up Wednesday morning with the film on the floor. I did have a feeling about this cheap stuff.

So – moving on to a back up plan…


Moving on to February with my no-shopping attitude this will have to do for now…


A bit early for the Easter-hen but with another sunny day it does feel like spring…


Now – I will move forward in here…


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Welcome Weekend

January was all about work both at work and home I voted for doing just enjoyable things today since it is my day off. I am not sure if baking bread is enjoyable…


…but since it has been years since I did that I kind of enjoyed it.

Just waiting for the bread to cool before tasting. The flour contains carrots, white beans, roasted rye berries and sunflower seeds so I am kind of excited to taste 🙂

While waiting I have a doily to finish…



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Craft Room – The never ending story

A little progress at the end of January…


Two bags ready to be removed from the building.

This is a difficult process because I already removed “the low-hanging fruit” but I still need to reduce the stuff I store. Stuff keeps adding up and makes me paralyzed. So – one step at a time…

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January Cure 2018 | At the end

To be honest – I was at the end yesterday 🙂

I spent the evening feeling good about what I have accomplished this month.

Doing nothing but…


…crocheting and watching four episodes of Bones at Netflix.

And I plan to do the same thing today.

Tomorrow on the other hand I plan to do a 30 min sweep around the house before I start on a long weekend. Maybe I feel inspired to start working in my craft room. If not there is always something going on at Netflix and I always have something to crochet.

Until next January 🙂

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