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Focus and achieve

That is what it is all about in March. I have saved my old favorite jeans. Not because I hope to wear it once again but because fitting into them means I am once again size 38. Make those jeans fit means more to me … Continue reading

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Move More + Eat Well – The February numbers

I am good at eating less and well. Not so good at moving. In January I did not move at all. I don`t feel so bad about that because I am on my feet all day long at work. “Vektklubben” … Continue reading

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Eat less and move more – maybe

The title should have been “Move More + Eat Well” but I always needs to do things my way so my one thing to focus on in January will be – eat less. I may do my best to eat … Continue reading

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Load day 1…

…and I made it. Thanks to the difference in the time zone I do have a few hours extra when I  need it. I do have loads of photos I want to scrapbook but February  will be a lot busier that … Continue reading

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If I could…I would…

…confident…                                                                             …my few bad habits. Chocolate, cigarettes, avoidance of sleep, healthy food, physical activity, cleaning… As I said – just a few bad habits. Where do I start? Oh, that is an easy question. I start with the chocolate … Continue reading

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