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March 20

            29/03/1932 – 20/03/2005 Always fond of life. Always thought the good in everyone. Always with a smile. Always ready to give good advice. And you had a subtle way to present two alternative solutions. Just in case… We wish we … Continue reading

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Genealogy and pedigree charts… I had to give up and send this over to my brother. He claim to know it all. At lest I could follow my grandmother on my mother`s side:) It is weird and sad that I know … Continue reading

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Roots and pedigree charts

Do you have your pedigree chart in order? I do. I think. If I knew where it was:) And yes – I like to think that I am organized. But – this is one of those things I say to myself: … Continue reading

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Truthtelling or selctive memories

Funny things happen when family meets after a long time without seeing each other. In our family we always come back to our childhood summers when our cousins visited – sometimes for weeks. My seven year older brother remembers all … Continue reading

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The last assignment…

The last project in the first part of my BPS class is done. This was just a small project at the end of the first part and came out looking like this: All this talk about roots reminds me of a … Continue reading

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