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Bingo,bingo and more bingo

     I even sat on my bike for 15 min after breakfast – before my shower. Now – bedtime.

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Household chores

Household chores is not my favorite ting to do. Never have been and never will be. I`m perfectly happy doing just the minimum. Maybe a little less:) Through Aby Garvey`s classes at Simplify101 I have learned a few tricks. In the … Continue reading

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How to add knew habits into your everyday life

Yes – I`m talking about good habits:) We are one week into Simplify 101`s class simplify your life with habits + routines online workshop and we are still working with the good habits. I don`t get that excited about losing the … Continue reading

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At the end of September…

  So – what to do in October? Let`s take a look at how I`m doing with my new habits:) Cigarettes – well, I am still counting towards 21 days of smoking half of what I normally do. I smoked … Continue reading

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Library of Memories…

Sometimes I love my sister in-law. This afternoon she had something I wanted and needed when she pulled up in her pick-up… I really needed more storage for my LOM system and now I have it. All good things happen … Continue reading

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