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The seagul may have boots but I don`t

This is not a good day for Sunday Adventures… I don`t mind because I had no plans for climbing any mountains today anyway and now I have the best excuse for staying comfy inside:) Since I have all the time … Continue reading

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Memory File from Heidi Swapp for mini album

In May Flaum`s class “Kit-tastic” we were challenged to make a kit for a mini album or a theme album this week. I had a mini album waiting in line and I have all those color magic memory files from … Continue reading

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The creative part of Friday

Before daylight we had rain. With daylight came the sun and the inspiration… She almost had me spooked when I picked her up from the Halloween party. The white face paint and the black around her eyes was awful. Costume and … Continue reading

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There are all kinds of bats

There are ordinary bats and there are this one… …and this one hunts for sweets during the Halloween season. The wordplay is lost in the English translation but the third kind of bat is his grandmothe`s definiton that refers to a … Continue reading

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Nicely lined sugar bombs and manicured homes

The title is from today`s online news at the Norwegian national tv. It refers to the blog world and their glossy photos of wonderful homes and pink cupcakes. And it says…”Nicely lined sugar bombs, manicured homes, cleaned and nicely dressed … Continue reading

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