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And then there is August….

…and I can start counting down for my vacation. I have decided that I am going to issue a statement to the young ones in the family; No babies or weddings in 2009. Why bother…they never listen anyway…and the babies … Continue reading

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I will have more FUN…

  So, here is a part of what Stacy Julian said to my confusion about her Have more FUN class.:  “I hope it is clear that for me, scrapbooking is NOT just a hobby or set of skills/techniques that I … Continue reading

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It has been a good day…

…and for once I had a very productiv day at work. The summer is still on hold, but it still looks good for the weekend. Darci gave us a “the how to do” layout number 12 today. I didn`t get … Continue reading

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Back to art journaling…

I enjoyed making art journals after taking a three days tutorial with Rhian.  Even without the Gesso. Of course I had to buy a bucket of Gesso. It has been standing in a corner for two weeks now. This evening I found … Continue reading

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I have moved…

…out of my apartment and settled in my new scrap-room…. It is so good to finally get all the dust and the stuff out of my living room and the kitchen. I have not had time to get everything in … Continue reading

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