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Welcome Sunday, stormy weather, boat trip, wedding planning

Waking up Sunday morning with the wind howling and to know that you have to go in a boat in order to plan a wedding may not be a good morning:) I do find comfort in the fact that the … Continue reading

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Sunday Adventures

Sunday dinner did not turn out the way we planned. The family`s youngest decided to start his own saving account and ended up in the hospital… …a really good plan to keep your money safe, but for as long it is there … Continue reading

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The mouse hunt

Grandpa is an expert to create adventures for the little ones. Not so happy to participate but he is good to come up with the ideas. So when he found a mouse in the trap in the shed Sunday morning … Continue reading

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How did you spend the weekend

Me – I did less, but someone was busy… …she was busy helping grandma and grandpa secure the winter supply of wood for the fireplace… …because with the price of electricity we need to make use of our natural resources… … Continue reading

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Sunday adventures…

…Elin and Kristian was invited to join grandma and grandpa for breakfast when they woke up Sunday morning. These two belongs to grandma`s Sunday morning breakfast club and they would arrive with or without an invitation. But – today they … Continue reading

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