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A story of then and now

Back in January I sat up file for the Twelve class at Big Picture Classes and I filled that box with memories I wanted to save. Through the year I have collected photos I could use for those stories. Now – … Continue reading

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I’m still waiting for my brother to come up with the information I need so I can complete our family tree. Things take time. But I have found three pictures of my grandfather on my father’s side … To the … Continue reading

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My mother`s spaghetti sauce

My mother made this amazing spaghetti sauce and I was the one to give her the recipe. At 13 I had classes in home economics and cooking, and they were not classes of my choice:) I never liked to work in the … Continue reading

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Describing someone`s personality is very challenging for me. Although it is my right to present my opinion, I find it difficult when the words will be written for posterity. But this is a personality trait I recognize when I see it… … Continue reading

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Eat your fish and you will be beautiful and live a long life; he said

My father`s family. My father is the young man to the right in the photo. He had two brothers and four sisters. My father was born in 1926 and I can`t even imagine how it was to grow up in … Continue reading

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