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Moments documented

January 2012 was all about the planning of a wedding. When, where and what. After deciding when, where and type of flowers we moved on to the menu. We prepared for a fight because lets all agree on the fact … Continue reading

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The wedding album – part two

The  bride had her wish granted. She was transported in an open carriage from church… …to fishermen’s houses to be photographed… …before we crossed the Atlantic Road to Håholmen… Of course we were too early for the boat and it … Continue reading

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The wedding album project

Focusing on the wedding album project. I so want to finish this – fast. Since the last one took me four years to finish I am eager to get this done. In order to do that I work with a … Continue reading

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Wedding album planning – again

I did promise myself I would make this wedding album before my memory got muddy and from working with the last album I did learn that things don`t have to be perfect. For me done is better than perfect. One … Continue reading

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The wedding at Håholmen Havstuer

Most of the wedding guests on our side of the family arrived at Thursday. Since we have a big empty house waiting for a buyer we had arranged for the young ones to stay there and that`s where we served … Continue reading

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